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Cash Only Car Rental
Cash Only Car Renting at Major US Airports
there are rental options for persons without  major credit cards

Not having a credit card is a major obstacle when renting a car. Most car rental companies will not rent to persons without one. But if you happen to be going to a busy airport like the ones at cities to the left, you may be able to obtain a cash only rental with a local independent (see our list at right).

Cash only rentals are more risky for a rental company. If something were to go wrong, the company could end up losing out. Therefore, most Cash Only rentals require you to meet their qualifications, pay a down payment and purchase their rental insurance.

The Rental Car Guide has compiled a list of cities to the right where we know there are companies that rent by cash. Unfortunately this list is not complete and is limited to only the largest airports with favorable market conditions. But if you're traveling to one of the cities on the list on the left and lack a credit card, then you may still be able to rent a car with cash!

If you have any questions about the sites or the airports, click on the links on the left panel, or go back to our home page ( for a general list of domestic and foreign airports and rental agencies.

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