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Rates are up to 40% lower than all major car rental agencies. Compare and save!

Fox Rent A Car will give you a rate that is guaranteed to be the lowest among all major car rental companies. Whether renting an economy car or a full size car, experience the difference with Fox and enjoy big savings.

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Value Features:
  • FREE mileage
  • Special BreezeNet Rates
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly rates
  • Under 25 years of age O.K.
  • Los Angeles Airport (LAX)
  • San Francisco Airport (SFO)
  • San Jose Airport (SJC)
  • San Diego Airport (SAN)
  • Orange County Airport (SNA)
  • Oakland International Airport (OAK)
  • Phoenix Airport (PHX)
Sample Car Rental Reservation Rates for Fox
These deals are SAMPLES ONLY for the period 6/22-6/29. For specific real time prices for your rental needs, check our Compare Guide above.
San Diego - Lindbergh Field, CA USA (SAN) $125+-/wk $134+-/wk $145+-/wk $563+-/wk $268+-/wk
Phoenix - Sky Harbor Intl, AZ USA (PHX) $375+-/wk $376+-/wk $427+-/wk $334+-/wk $338+-/wk
Seattle Tacoma Intl, WA USA (SEA) $317+-/wk $337+-/wk $376+-/wk $546+-/wk $519+-/wk
Los Angeles Intl, CA USA (LAX) $435+-/wk $452+-/wk $460+-/wk $416+-/wk $307+-/wk
Oakland Intl, CA USA (OAK) $399+-/wk $411+-/wk $427+-/wk $612+-/wk $430+-/wk
San Francisco Intl, CA USA (SFO) $423+-/wk $448+-/wk $468+-/wk $488+-/wk $484+-/wk
San Jose Intl, CA USA (SJC) $375+-/wk $438+-/wk $466+-/wk $697+-/wk $639+-/wk
Snapshots clarified.  Rates are in US Dollars and do not include taxes, fees, coverages or car options. See why rates change.  Suppliers are not responsible for inaccuracies on the rates listed if rates are out of date or were incorrectly posted. Rates are based on US country of residence and may not be available at time of booking. Check with rental car agency. Rates do not include taxes, airport fees or other surcharges.

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