why rates change

Rates change quickly in the rental car world. This is because of supply and demand at each rental location. A rate strategy known as "yield management" is widely used by rental car companies. This computerized system automatically changes rates based on the number of cars reserved at any one location. Therefore, since availability affects rates, usually the earlier you reserve the better. Keep in mind, you are reserving a rate and car availability can change. The one great thing about reserving a car is that you don't have to pay up front, so it maybe a good idea to re-check rates after you have made reservations. If you have to make a last minute reservation, it's still better to call even if you're at the airport than just "walking up".

Here are a list of tips that may help you get the best rates:
  • Reserve early.

  • If you have time, check rates again before you leave on your trip.

  • Check our 11th Hour Specials to see if your pickup point has any last minute deals.

  • Check our Snapshot & Compare Sections on our airport pages. See bnm Orlando rates for an example.

  • Check our Discounts page.

  • Check our Tips page for information on insurance, coverages and other helpful information to possibly help save money.

  • Rental car companies that specialize in business travel may have great weekend rates as opposed to midweek rates.

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