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The Guide to Airport Rental Cars - or is an online reservation center or internet "portal" for direct online reservations to over 70 rental car companies including local specialists and franchises serving over 185 airports. By making it faster and easier to book a car online it receives thousands of visitors each day looking for a selection of rental cars and car rental agencies. This popular site received was selected by Yahoo! Internet Life magazine as one of the 50 most useful sites on the web! Top travel guides like Kasbah's Travel search engine rate as a valuable travel guide.

How can or help your internet marketing efforts? BreezeNet is linked to 1000's of other websites or indexes. BreezeNet is helping to organize the web by making it easier for rental car travelers to do that! This leads to traffic growth and provides you with a terrific place to promote your rental car company.

Some features and benefits:

  • High Volume, Quality Traffic: Quality can be more important than quantity! Our visitors are looking for rental cars, not airlines and travel packages. This leads to more actual reservations!
  • City-City Advertising: Provides you what the Yellow Pages may not be able to do. For example, someone in Dallas wanting a car in San Francisco may not be able to use their local yellow pages to find your company.
  • Airport Rental Car Focus: We're committed to the "airport rental car industry" and this helps you get the attention that you deserve.
  • Cost Effective: Booking directly with your company as opposed to a "middle booking agent" can be cost effective.

Promotion Options With Linked Examples:

  • An 800 number listing at a select airport.
  • Quick Look Website. If you're going to build a website why not be on the busiest airport rental car site on the net! We can build fast loading effective site and/or a deluxe site featuring all your cars and services. We can even build you a site that allows you to make changes at your end to your rates and services. Please see the linked example and inquire below if interested.
  • Internet Rates you can change at your own computer with our Dynamic Rate System! Be as creative as you want. These have proven to be real winners!
  • Recent Monthly Traffic Stats for the Rental Car Guide keep growing!

Rental Car Companies interested in becoming a part of the Rental Car Guide please fill out the following information:

Name - Owner - Manager
Your Rental Car Company
E-mail (Correct address to reply back)
Phone Number
Fax Number
Car Rental Location/s

Does your rental car company serve an airport
and have facilities near the airport? yes no

Airport your rental car company services

Check the Advertising Opportunities interested in (see examples above):
800# listing
Jump Page Link
Quick Look bnm Website

Additional comments or questions you may have and if you have a counter "in or near the airport":


You can also call us at 239-395-0073

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