Why Car Rental Rates Change!

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  • Snap Shots of Rates - Clarified

    "Snap Shot Surveys" are a sample of weekly and daily rates for a variety of rental date periods and companies within 3 weeks of when a given survey was taken. These are "advance reservation survey samples" made on the specified reservation date indicated at the top of each airport survey.

    Rental car rates are likely to change because of demand and availability at any given location. This survey functions only as a guide and may not necessarily be the current rate when reserving a vehicle.

    Please note that a noticeable big spread of rates can occur on our snapshot surveys when we include both midweek daily rates and weekend daily rates. This usually is because rental car agencies that market more to the business traveler may drop their rates during weekends much more than agencies marketing to leisure travelers.

    Also note that when you reserve a car, the quoted rate may be different from what is found in this "snap shot" survey.

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